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High and low voltage switch cabinets are widely used in the power distribution system and serve for the acceptance and distribution of electric energy. According to grid operation, the product can put part of the power equipment or circuit into operation or stop its operation; when the power equipment or circuit breaks down, it can quickly cut off the faulty component from the grid, so that the part without fault in the grid can operate normally and the safety of the device and operation maintenance personnel can be ensured. Consequently, high and low voltage switch cabinets are important power distribution devices and the safe, reliable operation of the device will mean a lot for the power system.   

Safety and reliability are the basis of our design. Therefore, standardization, applicability, maintenance free, easy operation and five-protection interlocks, etc. have been commonly accepted by technical personnel. In addition, we also need to carry out online monitoring on some important safety parameters by introducing intelligent monitoring technology. For example, in case of faults, we are be able to give alarm without delay and thus eliminate these faults in the bud.

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