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Global Renewable energy economy in 2030 accounted for 36%

Date:February 1,2016

WASHINGTON International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Sixth Annual Meeting held in Abu Dhabi on January 16, more than 150 countries and regions, more than 140 government officials and representatives of international organizations attended. IRENA said in a report, by 2030, the proportion of renewable energy in the global energy mix will increase to 36%, can make global GDP growth of 1.1%, about $ 1.3 trillion.

The annual meeting of the Intergovernmental Conference is regarded as an international climate conference held in Paris after the first related fields, focuses on renewable energy in combating climate change, global action to meet the objectives of sustainable development should play.

IRENA Director-General Adnan said at the opening ceremony, the annual meeting of the General Assembly should undertake climate Paris reduction vision, a plan of action to ensure the sustainable development of the energy sector to win the future.

UAE Minister of State and Special Envoy for Energy and Climate Change Sultan Al-Jaber said in his speech, renewable energy has become the world's most important development strategy, play a direct role in achieving the objectives of sustainable development, economic diversification, etc. .

Deputy director of China's National Energy Administration Liu Qi, the participants said that China is willing to strengthen cooperation with IRENA to provide support for the organization of the work, and constantly improve the share of renewable energy in the global consumption by less developed countries and various forms of support improve the area of ​​renewable energy development and utilization levels.

The General Assembly issued the "Renewable Energy Efficiency: Economic Analysis" report, for the first time the macroeconomic impact of renewable energy on a global assessment, in particular, analysis of the effectiveness of the Global Renewable Energy by 2030 the proportion will more than double by 2010 generated.

"Paris agreement reached recently sent to countries from talks to action, a strong signal to quickly carbonized in the energy sector." Adnan said, "This report proves that energy transformation can not only mitigate climate change, but also to stimulate economic development, improve human well-being, increased global employment. "

The report notes that by 2030, global GDP will increase by up to $ 1.3 trillion, higher than the current sum of the GDP of Chile, South Africa and Switzerland three economies. Meanwhile, the report also analyzes the various countries affected. Japan's GDP will grow by 2.3%; Australia, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, South Africa and South Korea will also appear more than 1% growth.

Report, in addition to GDP growth, a series of social and environmental benefits also help to improve the welfare of the residents. The impact of renewable energy on the welfare of the GDP is expected to be affected by 3-4 times, global welfare will increase by 3.7%. The current global employment in the renewable energy sector is 920 million, in 2030 will rise to more than 24 million people.

Increase the proportion of renewable energy will also bring change trade patterns, will be reduced by half the world's coal imports, while reducing oil and gas imports, so that Japan, India, South Korea, the European Union and other major importing countries benefit. Diversified economy will benefit exporters of fossil fuels. (Zhao today)

Source: "China Energy Report" (Edition on January 25, 2016)

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