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A new round of upgrading rural power grids by 2020 basically stable and reliable power supply to full coverage

Date:Feb 23,2016

State Council recently forwarded the National Development and Reform Commission "notice to implement a new round of upgrading rural power grids project view during" "About" Thirteen Five, proposed to actively adapt agricultural production and rural consumer demand, highlight key areas and weak links in the implementation of a new round of rural power grid upgrading project.

"Notice" proposed that by 2020, the country's rural areas basically stable and reliable power supply service full coverage, power supply capacity and service levels improved significantly, rural power grid reliability rate of 99.8%, the comprehensive voltage qualification rate reached 97.9%, with the average variable capacity not less than 2000 VA. Eastern basic urban and rural equalization of power supply services, urban and rural electricity services significantly reduced the gap between the Midwest, the rural power grid in remote ethnic minority areas of poverty and meet the basic production and living needs. Basic county power enterprises to establish a modern enterprise system.

"Notice" to define the priority tasks of the new round of rural power grid upgrading project. First, accelerate new small towns, power and agricultural production and supply facilities renovation to upgrade the village center. By the end of 2017, to complete the power grid upgrading the village center, to achieve full coverage of electricity plains wells. Second, steadily diversified investment in rural power grids, to explore cooperation by the government and social capital (PPP) and other models, the use of commercial mechanisms involved in the introduction of social capital in rural power grid construction and transformation. Third, to conduct in Tibet, Xinjiang and Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu and Qinghai provinces Tibetan rural power grid construction tackling 2020 Isolated Network county network or build local grid renewable energy, agricultural and pastoral areas of electricity basically full coverage. Fourth, accelerate the upgrading of rural power grids and the western poverty-stricken areas, especially the rural power grids key counties for national poverty alleviation and development work, focus on contiguous poor areas and old revolutionary base areas to upgrade, not to solve the voltage compliance, architecture unreasonable, illogical electric power and other issues, 2020 electricity services in poor areas close to the level of the province (autonomous regions and municipalities) rural average. 5 is to promote urban and rural East Midlands electricity services equalization process, and gradually improve the rural power grid information technology, automation, intelligent level, and further optimize the power supply structure.

Source: People's Daily

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