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Internet + wisdom to promote energy development guidance issued 10 key tasks

Date:February 29,2016

This afternoon, Development and Reform Commission issued "on promoting the" Internet + "guidance Intelligent Energy Development" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance") pointed out that the Internet is a kind of energy industry to develop new forms of energy related technologies, modes and formats are in explore the development stage. In order to promote the healthy and orderly development of energy, it will be divided into two phases recent mid-term advance, the initial pilot demonstrations, promote the use of follow-up, to achieve substantial results.

"Guidance" that, 2016-2018, the efforts to promote energy internet pilot work: to build a number of different types and sizes of pilot demonstration projects. Breakthroughs in key technology and core equipment, energy, Internet technology has reached the international advanced level. The initial establishment of the Internet market mechanisms and market energy system. Initially built energy Internet technology standard system, the formation of a number of key technical specifications and standards. It spawned a number of energy finance, third-party integrated energy services and other emerging formats. Foster a number of competitive emerging market players. Explore a number of sustainable and replicable development model. The accumulation of a number of important reform pilot experience.

2019-2025, the efforts to promote the diversification of energy Internet, large-scale development: the initial completion of the energy system of the Internet industry has become an important driving force for economic growth. Built relatively perfect energy Internet market mechanism and market system. A relatively complete system of technologies and standards and to promote internationalization, the world leader in energy development of the Internet. Forming an open shared energy Internet environment, the comprehensive energy efficiency improved significantly, the proportion of renewable energy increased significantly, clean and efficient use of fossil energy have made positive progress, boost public participation, a strong support for energy production and consumption revolution.

"Guidance" requirements, to actively promote the 10 key tasks, strengthen energy Internet infrastructure, the construction of intelligent energy production and consumption systems, and more integrated energy network capable of coordinated, cooperative system with energy information and communication infrastructure. Create an open Internet ecosystem shared energy, to establish a new energy market transactions and general business operating platform, the development of distributed energy, energy storage and EV applications, intelligent energy and value-added services, green energy trading flexibility, energy and other large data service applications new models and new formats. Internet Key promote energy technology research, development and core equipment standard system construction, promote energy Internet technology, standards and modes of application and international cooperation.

Zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance that "with the energy development of the Internet will lead to flexible way energy finance, energy services into the energy market, the activation energy environment storage areas, as the core of the operating system to control energy content, the system is intelligent the main aspects of the adjustment, the direction of its development, the business model will play a key role in the energy Internet. "

GF Securities research report also analyzed that in the framework of the energy Internet, energy storage as the core components, you can focus. First, the energy storage industry policy support continue to overweight, the storage industry blowout soon; secondly, to promote information technology will change the energy production, transmission and consumption, and the reconstruction of the entire energy supply and the environment. Currently information technology and the gradual integration of the energy industry is broad space for development in the future. Meanwhile, with the energy of the Internet to promote renewable energy, UHV, distribution network and other infrastructure industry boom upward.

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