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World Energy Council said the water shortage will affect the energy supply

Date:March 17,2016

World Energy Council recently released the latest report said that by 2030 the world's available water shortage will reach 40%, not only on food, health and public health impact, will affect 98% of global electricity production.

Secretary-General of the World Energy Council Christoph Frei said construct between water, food and energy network of contacts exist "systemic crisis" will affect the stability of a long time in the future world energy supply and demand. He called for cooperation in the energy sector to take measures as soon as possible, unified planning, in particular, cross-border cooperation to deal with the crisis in a short time due to lack of water caused.

Professionals said that the face of environmental change brought about by the adjustment, the energy sector enterprises should not only rely on government protection policies, but also by the way the market "absorb" the crisis, not only to deal with the environmental crisis to increase the facility aims to build various kinds of " hard toughness ", would also have to take financial means and other means to ensure that enterprises in a crisis resilience, an increase of" soft toughness. "

Source: "National Grid News"

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