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America's largest wind farm will be located in Long Island, NY

Date:March 21,2016

March 16, the US Interior Secretary JVR said the coast of Long Island, New York will build an area of 81,000 acres of commercial wind farm, the upcoming environmental assessment. Under the plan, the wind farm will be installed 200 turbines, generating power up to 700 megawatts, it is expected to invest 200 billion to $ 40 billion.

According to Long Island Energy Bureau, New York and the Federal Bureau of Energy Edison released in 2009 research report, if built on the coast of Long Island a power generation of 350 MW of wind power plants, as long as the power plant generating capacity using 30% per year can generate electricity 92 MWh, can supply 250,000 homes. Moreover, 920,000 MWh of wind power can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 400,000 tons per year, equivalent to reducing emissions of 68,000 cars. Now, if the power plant generating capacity of 700 megawatts, will be available to 500,000 households use annually reduced by 80 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

     Source: "National Grid News"

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